Our ATM Programs:


Many companies require a minimum number of surcharge-able ATM transactions on a monthly basis. We at BVCC do not charge to process your ATM transactions. All you have to do is currently have an ADA, TDES, PCI Compliant ATM and you get a 100% of your surcharge.If you don't, then you have some options such as purchasing, leasing, renting or having us place one for Free for you.

So Why Process your ATM transactions with us?

  • No monthly maintenance or statement fees
  • Cash withdrawn from your ATM is ACH deposited the next business day
  • Surcharge income is ACH deposited daily or monthly (Merchant’s choice!)
  • Easy set-up!
  • Cash Loading

BVCC offers money loading services for most ATMs in the Lehigh Valley area. Whether you currently have an ATM and need an outside company to run the daily cash flow needs or a looking for a turnkey ATM service, we can help!

BVCC has a team of private ATM cash couriers and access to armored car guards that can stock your ATMs.

All cash loading is monitored by a combination of online reporting and email alerts to ensure our ATMs never run out of cash.

Having a local company for your ATM needs is much better for local support as well to grow the local economy and also for local accountability and service you can depend on.



This is a very popular program for our ATM machine company.We do absolutely everything for you! Our ATM machines are from the one of best ATM machine manufacturers in the country.


Here’s what you get free of charge:


  • FREE ATM machine with multiple function capabilities
  • Cash supply for your ATM machine
  • Daily ATM machine monitoring through Columbus Data Systems
  • Full service package
  • Cash delivery by certified techs.
  • All supplies for ATMs are included
  • All parts and labor
  • Prompt payment with detailed monthly transaction reports
  • Customer assistance phone number

BVCC will develop a comprehensive payment plan for all ATM machines placed. This can be a rental fee or a percentage of transaction fees assessed by the ATM machine. Of course the main benefit is the increase in cash revenue that the ATM machines give you. So you have the benefit of all the new cash spending an ATM machine brings while we maintain it.

Our approach is quite unique from most companies, while we are not one of the biggest companies offering ATM services in our industry, we can safely state that we are one of the few that takes the time to listen to our customer's requirements before we propose a system that fits that business

We work with the leading vendors and processors in the industry and offer from the most basic terminals only to very high end and sophisticated ATMs.

We are one-stop shop that not only provide an ATM but also offers signage, processing, on-line monitoring, and full service and maintenance for five years.

If you are interested in an ATM in your location, the best approach is to talk to one of our Business Consultants so we could fully understand your needs and goals from the ATM program. After that, we will be able to provide a comprehensive solution that meets your goals today and provides an ATM terminal for growth in the future.

These numbers are based on a

typical convenience store’s markup

300 Average monthly transactions

x $1.25 Amount earned per transaction

375 Monthly $$$ from transaction fees


$52.00 National Average amount withdrawn

x 300 Average amount of monthly transactions

$15,600 Total amount withdrawn monthly

x 25% Spent in merchant location

$3,900 Monthly increases in sales




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