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Are you an independent team player? Are you looking for ways to build a residual portfolio and secure your financial future? This is it! There is not a better time or opportunity. You will represent the most recognized logos in the world. You will become a part of the biggest and most profitable industry in the world - the eCommerce technology & electronic payment processing industry!



Agent University: We offer a complete 18 hour training course teaching you this industry with our web base hands on trainer with a certificate of completion. We will take you from A to Z of the credit card industry and not just what the industry wants you to know, but what your future merchants want help to understand. When you finish this course you will be a true professional consultant with all the current sales tools to help you be successful.


The Payment Processing Industry

With more than 500 million credit cards in use domestically, US credit card charges recorded for 1999 alone reached just over $1 Trillion! Each day in the USA, more than 52 million purchase transactions on credit and debit cards pass through the VISA and Mastercard networks.  In the first quarter of 2003, more than $295 billion of goods and services were charged to VISA- and Mastercard-branded credit and debit cards, an 11.5% increase over the same period in 2002.

Electronic Check Processing - Between 18 and 20 billion checks are written at point-of-purchase locations every year in this country. On the Internet, on the phone, and even in the storefront, many merchants don't accept check payments. That's like opening a store at the local mall, but closing your doors to more than a third of potential shoppers.

E-Commerce Projections - Based on the projections, consumer spending on the Internet will top $14 billion, up 41% from last year. By 2004, 87.2% of small businesses and home businesses will have a website, and the total number of Internet users in North America should grow to 185 million.

Gift/Loyalty Card Success - Consumers plan to spend $17.24 billion on gift cards this holiday, which would account for nearly 8 percent of all holiday sales. The average gift-card purchaser will be purchasing more than three cards (3.34) for a total of $114.44. Older consumers are spearheading gift card growth. Consumers over age 65 on average plan to buy 3.90 cards, spending $130.62, and consumers 55-64 will purchase an average of 3.61 cards, spending $134.80. Men plan to spend $120.57 each on gift cards, while women plan to spend $109.23.

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We look forward to working with you during this important time and welcoming you to our family of sales professionals. Regardless of the outcome, whether you eventually join our company or move onto something different, we wish you the very best in your personal endeavors.

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