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How It Works

We believe your business can and will grow. Therefore, we are prepared to offer you a portion of that growth in the form of a cash advance. We will recoup the advance by taking back a small, mutually agreed-upon percentage of your daily Visa and MasterCard credit card sales until our agreement is fully executed. We do not touch any other part of your cash flow such as cash, checks, American Express or Discover - only your Visa and MasterCard transactions.

There are no checks to write, no deadlines to remember, and no late fees - the pay-back process is automatic and seamless.

What Merchant Working Capital Is

  • It is not a loan.
  • Instead, it is a purchase of your future credit card sales.
  • The amount of capital we offer you is based on your average monthly Visa & MasterCard processing volume.
  • There are no fixed payments and no fixed schedules of repayment! We simply deduct a mutually agreed upon, fixed percentage from your daily credit card batch.
  • There are no checks to write and no payments to worry about.
  • Pay as you grow! If you have a slow month, you will not need to worry about making a significant payment to us.
  • Your cash advance requires no personal guarantee as required by a bank loan!
  • You will get approved regardless of your personal credit!
  • Use the money any way you want that will help your business!

A Clear Leader in Electronic Payment Processing Services - Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau!

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